Monday, April 24, 2017

No school

Reagan did NOT sleep much last night. She didn't fall asleep until just before 1am and then by 2am I already heard her making noise. I had to get up early to run the EEG box back up to the hospital and then back home so Mike could go to work. Reagan was already up (of course) but Ryan was still sleeping in. No school today and no nurse. Today was some sort of bad weather day that they ended up not needing and Reagan's nurse requested the day off a long time ago. So it was me and both kiddos, which was fine with Reagan now feeling better, but I'm still happy for Ryan to go back to school tomorrow! Between him being sick last week and Reagan's nausea and EEG this weekend, I've gotten nothing accomplished for a while! Reagan has been good all day. Very laid back and easy going. She had speech this morning and did well with that. Tonight she was a little spitty/chokey. Not sure what that's about, just hoping she's able to fall asleep and sleep that off. I know she must be exhausted, it was a long weekend. Praying she turns it around and has a great week!

Ryan trying to convince me that he needs to eat my energy chews!


charity said...

hoping you get answers from the eeg. where do you get reagan's clothes they are so cute

Reagan Leigh said...

Thanks! No results yet, I guess I'll have to call tomorrow. Reagan has a closet full of clothes mainly thanks to her Grandma! Most of it is Gymboree and Hannah Andersson but the outfit she's wearing here, the top is old navy and the bottoms forever 21. She's quite the fashionista! ;)