Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Just allergies

Reagan was still dozing this morning when I went in to check on her at 7:15am. Her hair was all in her face so I tried wiping it away and it was stuck to her mouth. Needless to say, that woke her up. She woke up a little startled/serious, but calm. A reporter from KVUE came this morning to do an interview with us about Reagan and the NACC1 mutation her geneticist from TX Children's found. Not a huge fan of doing television, but it was an opportunity to raise awareness on mitochondrial disease as well as this new mutation. I'll keep you posted when it airs. Reagan was great through the interview. Just sat quietly (looking super cute). The rest of the day she was pretty groggy, dozing off and on throughout the day. She didn't have a fever at all during the day today, but had another low grade one tonight. She's been super congested. Very gunky in her nose/throat. Brother is still coughing and today he's had a runny nose and been sneezing. I'm doubtful this is just allergies, but we'll see. Really hoping everyone can recover and start feeling better soon considering the busy Fri/Sat we have planned.

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