Saturday, April 22, 2017

I HATE nausea

Well...Ryan slept last night. Reagan was up and choking at 4am. I ran in to find she had pulled the wrap off her head and thrown up in bed. Ugh. Not good. We moved her to her therapy room and put her in her tomato chair. She was very agitated and stressed. We had to put an arm restraint on her left hand because it was up in her hair nonstop. The electrode just above her left ear had been pulled off so I had to restick it and rewrap her head. Hopefully it still works. She was pretty agitated but eventually went back to sleep with the help of medicine. She continued sleeping all morning. Waking up just long enough to fuss and flail (and for me to run up the stairs), only to doze right back off. She did wake up for a bit around 10:15am and threw up again. Double ugh. What is going on?!?! We haven't seen nausea in FOREVER. Hoping it's just related to congestion or whatever this junk is that we've all got. We really haven't seen any symptoms in Reagan except congestion. Hoping that's the extent of hers because we've all got horrible coughs that I really don't want her to get. I decided to go ahead and try to drain her tummy. Sometimes when she gets nauseous, her tummy is holding a lot of fluid (I'm guessing because her gut is shutting down and not functioning properly). Sure enough, tons of fluid drained out of her g-tube. It had a slight green tinge to it (almost limeade looking), bile I guess? Poor girl. No wonder she's nauseous. What the heck!?! She dozed back off, continuing to wake up for small bursts, fuss and then go immediately back to sleep. Finally a little after noon she woke up and I rushed upstairs determined to get a pee out of her. I got some warm water and went to check her (she had already dozed back off) and thankfully she had finally gone on her own! Eventually I did have to change her and that didn't go too well. I was hoping she could spend some time on the floor, to get out of her chair for a while, but she got super nauseous again. So I did it as fast as I could and got her back up into her chair. She got super spitty but thankfully didn't throw up. I did take her arm restraint off and put her arms under a weighted blanket to give her a break from that. She continued to sleep the entire day/night. Waking up just long enough to fuss and gag/throw up and then go back to sleep. It's been brutal. The EEG combined with this relentless nausea. Ugh. I have no idea what's causing this...I just want it to stop! Big prayers needed for my girl. I switching her over to pedialyte tonight. Give her gut a rest. Poor sweet girl. Hoping she wakes up feeling better tomorrow.

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