Sunday, April 30, 2017

A broken gj tube

Reagan slept well last night and had a pretty good day today (for the most part). She's been sweet and in a good mood. Both kids were well behaved this morning while Mike played golf with Grandpa. Ryan's fever was gone and he seemed to be feeling fine. That is, until I tried to get him to take a vitamin this afternoon. He gagged and then proceeded to puke all over the kitchen floor! Ugh. Hoping that was just a reaction to the vitamin and not real nausea. He seemed fine the rest of the day, so who knows. Reagan was good the rest of the day. She was vocal and rolly but good. We just hung around the house. Very laid back sort of day. It wasn't until tonight that things got exciting. Reagan's formula had finished pumping and I had given her only one of her nighttime meds, when I decided to pick her up and hold her for a bit. While holding her I eventually felt something wet and looked down to see her extension laying in her lap with part of her button still attached! That's right, the center part of her button had popped out again (this was the same thing that happened last two years ago on mother's day and landed us in the ER). Well being 9:30pm, there wasn't much we could do. We tried manually holding it in, but it just continued leaking. I attempted giving her two more meds, but I'm pretty sure they just leaked back out. At this point we had to do something. It was leaking profusely and even holding it in wasn't helping. So I had to pull it. That's a first. Thankfully we had a spare g tube for just this sort of instance. I pulled the gj tube and replaced it with just a g tube (we'll have to go in tomorrow am to have a new gj put in). I gave her her seizure meds through it (into her stomach) and prayed that she it didn't come back up. She looked a little gaggy, but we just kept her upright and it stayed put. She won't get any formula tonight or meds in the morning until we get the new tube, so hopefully they can squeeze us in early. Mike is trying to get her to bed at the moment but she's pretty vocal and I'm not sure if she's going to fall asleep. I think I'm going to have to give her some clonidine and that means putting something else into her tummy. Ugh. Please go to sleep Reagan!

Before the throw up...he looks great! 

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