Thursday, April 6, 2017

A bit weepy and on edge

Reagan was a little tense/weepy today. We weren't sure how she was going to do with the busy day she had planned. She had a make up session of speech this morning but was very on edge. We decided to go ahead and give it a try as we ultimately really want Reagan to be able to tell us how she's feeling (and what's bothering her) on days like this. It did backfire a little as she was super sensitive to the computer and burst into tears the second it was turned on! They attempted to just use the PODD book, but she was just overly sensitive to everything. She calmed down and seemed a little better by the time her PT got here (I actually probably would have cancelled but I forgot). Reagan did amazingly well until the very end of PT when she became a little weepy. No surprise, she's very high tone today. OT came this afternoon and Reagan tolerated it just fine (her therapist has been working with her for almost 4yrs so she really knows her better than anyone). We went ahead and canceled school for this afternoon as she had already had a very busy day and just seemed more sensitive to social interaction (unfortunately that means she missed school all week this week). She took it easy the rest of the afternoon. She was still pretty sensitive when we brought her downstairs after the nurse left but she did surprisingly well. We're really not sure what's been bothering her today. Could it be a UTI? I collected a urine specimen and ran it in this morning just in case. No clue. I'm hoping she'll be feeling better by morning. You just never know with her. Praying for a good weekend!

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