Friday, March 24, 2017


Reagan slept in a little this morning but woke up on the serious side. She's been very emotional today. Lots of big crocodile tears. Holding her breath. Just plain miserable. Not really sure what's going on. It seems like maybe it's a "bad day", but who knows. Her nurse gave her pain meds which didn't really seem to work. She'd doze off for a bit and then wake up crying again. She did seem to want to be held and she fell asleep a few times in her nurse's arms but would wake the second she tried to lay her back down. I was finally able to get her down with the help of the weighted blanket. Sweet girl. She slept for several hours and then woke up around 5:30pm. She just laid there, very still with big eyes. When her nurse left, I went up with her and she stayed awake. Very quiet but calm. Lots of teeth grinding but calm. The only thing she seemed sensitive to was music on tv. She only had one more outburst of tears all night and it was from some music on a commercial! Hoping this was the worst of it and she feels better tomorrow. Please keep her in your prayers!

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