Friday, March 3, 2017

Super smiley/crunchy

Reagan was a bit restless last night. Mike had a hard time getting her to sleep. She fell asleep on the floor but when she was moved to her bed, she was a little restless. She was awake, then asleep, awake, then asleep. Then this morning around 6:30am both her and her brother woke up! A little too early for my taste! Reagan's been in a good mood today. A little kooky/vocal at times, but good overall. She's been pretty crunchy again. Hands in her mouth a lot. Her poor left hand is starting to break down from being wet and in her mouth so much! We've had to put her restraint on several times today just to give her hand a rest. She's a little Houdini though and it's amazing how quickly she can work her way out of that thing! Not therapies today so it was a laid back sort of day. Reagan has been pretty laid back as well but there have been a few times where she's gotten a little vocal/stressed. Usually when left alone. This girl wants constant attention. And who blames her! She's pretty adorable. Super smiley, super crunchy. That about sums her up today!

Some cuteness from 4yrs ago. Snuggling with Grandma!

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