Friday, March 17, 2017


Reagan was restless again last night but she definitely got some sleep.There were a few times last night and this morning that I saw her thrashing around and went in to check on her only to realize that she was still half asleep. Our Friday nurse was out today but they did find a last minute fill in nurse. Reagan has continued to be seriously tense again today. No pee on her own. This morning I must've tried the warm water trick 25+ times with no luck. She went 17hrs or so and the nurse finally cathed her just before 2pm. We didn't measure it this time, but it didn't seem like nearly as much as we've been getting. I tried the warm water several more times and we even gave her a warm bath, but nothing. Tonight we had a nurse come back out just to cath her. Again, we didn't get a ton, but at least we got some out before bedtime. REALLY praying she'll stop all of this and just start peeing on her own again. I worry about having to cath her too much. I really don't want her to become dependent on it because it's not fun for any of us! This afternoon/tonight she seemed a little more relaxed. We're finally getting some little laughs out of her. Hoping this means we're on the right track! She really needs to make a full recovery soon as this weekend is her and her brother's big superhero birthday party! This is STRESSING ME OUT!!! Praying these holding issues will be gone by morning, but if not, at least she has a nurse working tomorrow that can cath her no problem. Please keep my girl in your prayers!

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