Sunday, March 5, 2017

So tense

Well, I was right. Reagan did NOT sleep well last night (and neither did we). She was just so restless. I woke up several times last night to her vocalizing, only to find her still with her eyes closed but crunched up in half rolling one way or another in her bed. Just so tense and restless, it's even plaguing her in her sleep! Poor sweet girl. She's been just as crunchy and tense today. Holding pees again, but thankfully I was able to get three out of her with the warm water method. Poor girl. She's just very "off" right now. Temperature regulation is off. Hands and feet are very cold and clammy, while her body is quite hot and sweaty. She did get a much needed bath today, so that was good. Tonight she's still raring to go though. Crunched up on her back like a turtle. I'm really hoping she can get some sleep tonight...but who knows. Brother already woke up once crying, so that's not a good start. Ugh.

Tense but still so adorable!

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