Wednesday, March 22, 2017

So laughy

Reagan woke up laughing this morning and has been laughing ever since! Very silly today. Not sure what the reason is for the laughs, sometimes they sound a little on edge/tense, but she's held it together. This morning she had speech and did OK with that. It can be hard to keep her focus when she's vocal like this. I do wonder if she's vocal because she wants to tell us something...but can't. I busted out her PODD and tried asking her some questions. Didn't get a huge response, but she did vocalize when I got to a few things so I took that as I was on the right track and she ended up on wanting a drink so I gave her some water on a swab. Not sure that was really what she was trying to convey, but we tried. Lots of gas today, which could be part of the reason she's been so vocal. She had school this afternoon and her teacher brought a video of her class at school singing her happy birthday!! SO sweet! I love it. Unfortunately, Reagan responded the way she usually does to the happy birthday song and did NOT enjoy it. Oh well. It's the thought that counts! She did OK with school/speech and then we got in a quick bath before her nurse left. She's been super spitty today. First soaking her stuffed pony she got for her birthday and then her hair/pants after her bath (she puts her hand in her mouth and then down on her lap...over and over and over again)! Tonight she continued to be vocal/laughy until she finally dozed off. Not sure where she's headed but hoping she holds it together as we've got her yearly ophthalmology appt tomorrow (which is not easy to reschedule)!
By the way...Texas Children's Hospital did a blog post about Reagan today! Here's the link!

Loving all of these timehop bday pics! Had to post some more of this precious girl...

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