Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sleepy then sad

Reagan slept well last night (Thank God)! I wish I could say the same for us/her brother! Normally a great sleeper, he woke up around 5am this morning whining/crying. Mike picked him up and brought him to our room...big mistake! He was all over the place. Crawling in and out of the covers, elbowing us in the head, he did not get the memo that it was still bedtime! Thankfully Reagan stayed asleep and continued sleeping all morning. She finally woke up just before noon when she soaked her bed (with her first wet diaper since last night)! She was serious but calm. No hint of a smile, but didn't appear to be upset either. That is, not until her nurse and I were having a conversation downstairs. Either she could hear us and wasn't a fan of us talking or she was upset that she was left upstairs alone, or maybe just having some pain, who knows?!? She burst into tears and that was it! Ugh. Finally her nurse gave her some oxycodone and that took the edge off and she was able to go back to sleep. Poor thing. She slept peacefully for hours. When she woke back up, she was serious but calm again. That didn't last. Before long she was back to being miserable and crying crocodile tears! It was 4 close to 5hrs since her last dose of oxycodone so I think it was just wearing off and obviously she needed it. Once she gave her another dose, she was out. That lasted about two hours this time and when she woke up, I went upstairs and laid down beside her. She was calm and content. I could hear some gurgling in her tummy so I vented her and quite a bit of air was coming out. She was completely calm until Daddy came upstairs and the fat lip came back out and she was in tears. No clue. She seemed a little neurologically off. Big eyes, some lip smacking and teeth grinding. I got her to settle down and Daddy eventually moved her to bed. She wasn't falling asleep on her own so I gave her clonidine. Fingers crossed she sleeps this off tonight!

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