Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sleepy and holding but better now

Reagan slept in today not waking up til right around noon. It was good, because she needed her sleep, but bad because we had a new nurse orienting and Reagan slept through her entire time here! She was sleeping so peacefully. So relaxed. Yet, still holding her pee! What the heck?!?! Her nurse finally moved her from her bed to the therapy room around 10:30am and we tried to get her to pee. No luck with the warm water. Her nurse had to cath her but only got 200mls (and it had been 10.5hrs). She never even budged. She was out COLD. That is, until PT came and started stretching her! Literally moments after the orienting nurse left, Reagan woke up. She was pretty serious but calm. Didn't seem to be a huge fan of the stretching. On a good note, an hour or so later she peed on her own. And then again tonight. Hopefully she's done with the holding. And hopefully she wakes up less serious and more happy tomorrow. Just glad she's finally going on her own, hope it stays that way!

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