Friday, March 31, 2017

Sleep ALL day

Reagan slept the whole day today. She was OUT. Her nurse finally moved her from her bed around noon because she still hadn't peed. Only a few drops of warm water and she went no problem...and then she just kept on sleeping. ALL DAY. Her nurse helped her go one more time at 5:30pm and again it only took a few drops of warm water and she went. Never even cracked her eyes. It wasn't until right around 7pm that I heard her making some noises. I went in to find her wide eyed and seemingly wide awake! Mike brought her downstairs and I held her for a while. She seemed very content and alert (so nice to see her out of the stupor she's been in the last several days...we did lower her seizure med back down to her original dose). She was adorable. And then she dozed back off. And was OUT. We moved her to the spare bedroom and she occasionally would stretch and yawn, but she never opened her eyes again. Sweet girl. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my girl sleeping peacefully.

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