Thursday, March 30, 2017

Serious and still zoned out (and the toy is OUT)

Reagan woke up early this morning...maybe she heard me and Ryan leaving? We left the house at 5:15am for a 6am arrival to the surgery center and Mike said Reagan was awake before we even left. She was very zoned out and still today. And VERY serious. I'm not a fan of this medication increase. I put a call in to her neurologist yesterday but today we went down a little on the dosage and I think we should just go back down altogether. Ryan's foreign body removal went very smoothly today. The anesthesiologist just gave him gas so he didn't even have to have an iv. They skipped the versed this go round and he willingly walked back with them (they did lure him with a toy, but whatever works). I was only in the postop area for a short bit when the doctor came in and handed me a urine cup. At first I was really confused, but then I realized the little purple toy piece was in it! He said Ryan did great and they would be bringing him out shortly. His left ear (that had blood in it yesterday), was infected due to a dislodged tube so they removed it and we'll have to give him drops for the next week. The right ear was fine. No damage done. Ear drum looked fine. Whew! What an ordeal! Seriously. How many thousands of dollars did this end up costing? All because of this stupid little piece of plastic! Oh Ryan. He came into recovery a little woozy but good. Blood on both ears (can't they clean that up while he's sedated) and a little stinky...the infected ear, I guess? We were out of there by 8am. We stopped for pancakes on the way home and I let him stay home from school just so I could keep an eye on him. He seemed fine, but was a little needy/whiney, especially after waking up from a nap this afternoon (he's a terrible waker upper). Reagan was just very serious/groggy the rest of the day. She's been a lot more relaxed in her body today and peeing on her own again today...thank goodness.She had both PT and OT today but she was pretty loosey goosey for both. She's still grinding her teeth a lot and she's been biting on her lower lip most of the day. Her tongue keeps getting stuck to her lip because she's keeping it out more and I guess it's getting dry? I kept wiping her mouth with a wet rag tonight to try to help, but it just kept happening. Poor sweet girl. Hopefully she can sleep tonight and wake up feeling much improved tomorrow!

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