Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sensitive, tears, and sleep (and pee FINALLY)

Reagan slept well last night waking up sweet and laughy this morning. She was sensitive to talking and air. Still holding pees but then FINALLY went on her own this morning (with a cry). There were many other cries as the day went on as she was so super sensitive (especially to talking). She held her pee again all afternoon, refusing to go with the warm water, but finally went on her own again. Only two pees today but at least they were on her own. She was crying off and on this afternoon so her nurse gave her something and then laid beside her until she was able to finally fall asleep. And then she slept. Hard. She stayed asleep the rest of the night and didn't even budge when Mike transferred her back to her bed. Hoping for a great day tomorrow for her bday party!!

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