Sunday, March 12, 2017

Rough day

Reagan slept well last night and slept in this morning. We weren't sure how she'd wake up, so we let her sleep. I think her big wet diaper might be what finally woke up. She woke up serious but calm. Lots of teeth grinding (which is never a good sign). Grandma came in today so she did get some puppy kisses but didn't seem to into anything really. She was calm all morning but got increasingly tense as the day went on, still but tense (and lots of hand chewing). We thought maybe it was her tummy, so we gave her her regularly scheduled enema, thinking maybe that would help. She went but it didn't help. She eventually got the fat lip and burst into tears! Something is definitely bothering her. today. I'm getting a bit of the bad day smell, so I'm afraid it's just a bad day and there's not much we can do about it. We tried venting and rubbing her tummy, but nothing seemed to help. Pain medicine and sleeping it off, that's about all that helps. It only seems to work about an hour or two before she wakes back up and starts crying again. Grandma does calm her down a bit but even that is short lived. Really hoping she's able to sleep tonight. I finished off all of her meds and then held her in my arms until she dozed off. Daddy transferred her to her bed and as of now she's still asleep. Praying for rest and recovery for my girl! Hoping tomorrow is a much better day for her.

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