Thursday, March 16, 2017

No nurse and no pee

So today was an awful day. Reagan was awake and moving around a lot last night. Very restless and stressed. She slept some, but not much. Very serious today. Her body is giving her hell. Nonstop movement. The chorea is through the roof. At times she's moving so much and so quickly, she looks as if she's in fast forward! She's so tense and stressed she's sweating herself wet. Definitely neurologically off. And of course, she's clenching. No pees or poos. NOT a good day to be nurseless. I tried at least 15 times or so to get her to go with the warm water. Nothing. She's just SO tense! The agency sent over the nursing supervisor to try to cath her. No luck. Finally around 12:30, Mike came home from work to watch Ryan while I loaded Reagan up and took her to the pediatrician's office to get cathed. They got it. 415mls (it had been about 16hrs). This girl. Not sure what we're going to do with her.  She held the rest of the day. Tonight we had another nurse come by at 8pm and she was able to cath her again. Not as much this time but it had only been 6.5hrs since the last cath. Ugh. Praying for pee tonight! And a more relaxed girl tomorrow.

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Clarissa R. West said...

I HATE the nonstop movements, so tiring and upsetting!! :( Praying for a more calm and relaxed day today!!