Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Happy Birthday sweet girl

Today is my girl's 10th birthday! Hard to believe she's already 10! Sweet girl. She's had a good day today. Busy, but good. This morning we had a nurse orienting and she was very vocal but patient with all of the talking. Then at noon she had PT and did well with that. At 1pm the DME rep came with new knee pads for her stander (with air cushions to hopefully prevent bruising on those delicate knees) so we got her up in her stander for a while. She was still in her stander when OT got here with a beautiful butterfly balloon for Reagan. She did well with that and then was done with therapies for the day. She took it easy the rest of the afternoon. Tonight we sang happy birthday to her and I gave her some icing. She was a little vocal about it, which I interpreted as her not really wanting it. It did make her super spitty. Afterward, we watched Beauty and the Beast with her brother (it was his first time ever seeing it)...it's one of her favorites. She watched the entire movie, music and all, no problem! When I took her out of her chair, I noticed a stink, she had gone on her own! That doesn't happen often but she did it both yesterday and today! She seemed to feel better after that and the next thing I knew she was fast asleep! Sweet birthday girl! Love her SO much!!

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Diane said...

Happy 10th Birthday Sweet Reagan! 10 is a huge milestone! So glad she had a good day on her special day!