Thursday, March 2, 2017

Happy Birthday Ryan

Today is Ryan's birthday! He started the day with a present and then headed to school. Reagan slept in til about 8:30am and woke up smiley and chewing on her hands. We gave her an early morning bath and then got her dressed and ready for a day of therapies. She had PT first and did some stretching and worked on tall kneeling. Then her therapist got her in her AFOs and put her into her stander. She was in the stander 30min or so when we got her down. We did notice in addition to her regular redness in AFO areas, her feet were quite purplish. Something is not right with her circulation today. Definitely think she's having some dysautomonia issues because they're ice cold as well. Everything looked better 20min later though, so we weren't too worried about it. She had OT shortly thereafter and did well with that. Then the teacher and OT from the school came. That didn't go as smoothly! She got a little agitated with the OT. She doesn't have a ton of experience with Reagan and doesn't really know when she's overstimulating her. Needless to say, this resulted in a lot of vocalizations from Reagan but she did calm down once she left. Meanwhile I picked up the birthday boy from school and we met up with Grandpa for a quick trip to Chuck E Cheese! Ryan played until he was done and then we bought a toy (you never have enough tickets to get what they want) and left! Tonight we sang happy birthday to him and he blew out 5 candles on his sprinkle cupcake and opened yet another present! We're having a big party for both kiddos on the 19th. So this is to be continued...

This girl! Loves falling asleep next to Daddy! Notice...hand STILL in mouth!

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