Thursday, March 23, 2017

Eye appt and Ryan the model

Reagan slept well last night and then kept sleeping this morning! I wasn't sure how she was going to wake up. Her ophthalmology appt was at 10:45am, so her nurse had to wake her up around 9:45am to get her dressed. She was surprisingly calm and content. We loaded up and headed to her appointment. And waited. And waited. And waited. Her eyes had to be dilated, but they were just running behind plain and simple. The waiting room there is tiny and packed. There was a kid banging toys, a baby crying, and then another kid blasting music! Reagan tolerated it all (better than I did)! Reagan was a pro with the actual appt as well. The dr prying her eyes open and holding those little lenses up to her eyes. Everything looks good. No glasses needed at this time. As she continues to grow (and so do her eyes) she may need glasses at some point to help her with her distance vision, but for now she's still good. We made it just in time for OT and to pick up Ryan. Ugh. Another day misbehaving at school. He really has been a challenge lately. After Christmas break and after spring break...both of those transitions back to school have been difficult. And by difficult, I mean HE'S been difficult. He's so cute. How can he be such a trouble maker? Today they released the new Kelly's Kids spring collection with Ryan as the model for the boys clothes! So exciting! The rest of Reagan's day went by without a hitch. She's been a little congested the last few days. Not sure if that's allergies or what. Lots of pollen in the air right now. I've also noticed some teeth grinding. :/ This girl!

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