Monday, March 6, 2017

Calm but so tense (and not peeing)

Reagan did finally doze off last night and SLEPT! Whew! Thank goodness. She slept in til around noon or so when her tube leaked and her sheets/clothes had to be changed. Unfortunately, she is still ridiculously tense. Calm but so crunchy and tense. She is holding her pee again and not going with the warm water. This definitely feels like some sort of regression and it's very disheartening. I keep telling myself she's done this before, years ago, and it eventually just went away on it's own (at the time we thought it was the side effect of a medication she was on). Not really sure what exactly is causing it this time. And is it going to go away or is this our new norm? Ugh. The nurse finally had to cath her at 2:30pm since it had been 16hrs since she had gone. We measured it (at the request of her urologist) and it was 425mls. Definitely more than she should be storing up in there. She definitely seemed to get some relief from the emptying but she never really dozed back off (only for minutes at a time). The rest of the day she's just been groggy but tense. Definitely neurologically off. A lot of teeth grinding. Tonight I still couldn't get her to pee. I tried the warm water several times over several hours but still nothing. I started researching cathing online. I've never done it myself but I just couldn't let her go almost 18hrs without going (and that's assuming the nurse cathed her the second she got here at 8:00am)! So I tried the warm water two more times and nothing. So just before midnight I attempted to cath her. Nope. Couldn't do it. I just couldn't clearly see where to put it. What a disaster. Finally I gave up. I decided to do one more warm water rinse, more than anything to just clean off the betadine from my failed cathing attempt, and praise God she went! Whew! I can't begin to tell you how relieved I am! Now we can all sleep soundly tonight! Praying my girl wakes up tomorrow and starts peeing on her own again.

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