Sunday, March 26, 2017

A trip to the ER for Ryan

Reagan slept well but was up and vocal early this morning. She's been vocal all day today. A little more tense in her body, I'm glad that she's still peeing on her own. We had a nurse today which turned out to be a huge blessing as we don't actually have a Sunday nurse right now. The reason it was such a blessing? Ryan put a little piece of a littlest petshop toy (I guess there's a reason they call them that) into his EAR! Ugh. By the time he told us (probably only 5min or so after it happened), he had already pushed it far enough back with his finger that we couldn't easily get it out. We tried for hours to get it out ourselves. We tried flushing it out with saline, tweezers, an ear loop, we even tried letting him jump in the pool to see if that would force it out! Nada. Not to mention just trying to get him to hold still! Both of our children are exceptionally strong. Like super human strength. So holding him down while trying to extract something from his ear is quite the challenge. And we failed. So we loaded him up and headed to the ER. Where we waited and waited, despite the falsely advertised wait time of 7min! They eventually got us back into a room after a little more than an hour in the waiting room (and Mike complaining), but then we just waited in the room. At least there was a television for him to watch, as he was starting to get pretty antsy in the waiting room. They eventually came in and gave him some Versed and Fentanyl up the nose. He loved that. Lots of gagging and spitting out fluid. Not sure if half the medicine came out that way or not. He definitely got drowsy afterward, but never really fell asleep. They came back in about 45min later and attempted to get the piece out. Unfortunately they didn't really have a successful plan. 4 of us holding him down while the nurse practitioner tried to pull it out with long forceps! This made me very nervous. Because inspite the sedative, Ryan is a fighter! They eventually gave up. After traumatizing Ryan, his ear, and us! Ugh. Who knows how much this little trip will cost, nevermind the entire day wasted and trauma we all experienced! So they gave us a prescription for antibiotic drops for his ear and sent us on our way. Call our ENT in the morning. They are much better equipped to perform this extraction. Thanks. That information would have been appreciated several HOURS AGO! Ugh. On a good note, it doesn't seem to be bothering him anymore. I guess it's pushed far enough up there that he can't really feel it anymore. God help us when they try to remove this thing in the ENT's office. I honestly feel like he needs general anesthesia, because that oral sedation did nothing for him! The only good thing about it. It causes a bit of amnesia, so hopefully he won't remember much of the trauma from today! He, of course, was all good after we went to Target and got his promised "yucky shopkins" (what he calls the grossery gang toys). Reagan was good, but kooky while we were gone. She's been pretty vocal/kooky all night. A little sensitive and super crunchy. Hoping she'll settle down and go to sleep tonight. We all need some rest after today.

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