Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Vocal/kooky but good

Reagan was up a lot last night. Well I'm not really sure how much she was up, but she was very vocal. We eventually moved her to her chair, where she seemed a little more content. When I got up, I went in her room thinking she was wide awake because she was making so much noise, but when I cleared the hair from her face, I realized she was asleep (of course I woke her doing that). She's been in a pretty good mood today. A little vocal/kooky but good. She only had one therapy today PT, but she did well with that. She was holding her pees a little this afternoon, but she had one on her own before bedtime so that was good. She was still raring to go at 11pm so I gave her clonidine. She fought going to sleep but eventually she did doze off. Now I'm just hoping she'll stay that way.

Kicking brother...he loves it!

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