Friday, February 24, 2017

Urology appt and sleep

Reagan slept well last night and then just continued sleeping this morning. Like a rock. This girl was OUT. Someone canceled at her urologist's office so we were able to get in for an appt today! Her nurse got her up and dressed, but she stayed fast asleep. And no pee. So I carried her downstairs like a sack of potatoes (this girl was out) and put her into the car. Still asleep. Her nurse had to hold her head because it kept wanting to flop forward while I was driving. We got to the appointment and took her back for an ultrasound, put her on the table, still out. The technician applied the warm gel and the wand to her belly and release! She peed all over. Thankfully her nurse had put down a pad under her or she would've flooded the table! Either laying in wet clothes or having her belly pushed on is what finally woke her up from her deep slumber. She tolerated the rest of the ultrasound and we changed her and went back to the waiting room to wait. And wait. Annnnnnd wait! We waited another 1.5hrs in the waiting room until we were called back for our actual appt. I was not a happy camper. And neither was Reagan. She had been so tolerant of the noisy waiting room while she was sleeping, but awake, she was fed up with those noisy kids! Her nurse had to take her outside to keep her from flipping out. Speaking of flip out, she did have a little meltdown in the room when we were talking to the doctor. Not sure if it was all of the talking, the fact that we were talking about cathing, or the gas she was having causing discomfort, but there were tears! I picked her up and she settled down and dozed back off on my lap. Sweet girl. I'm very adamant about not wanting to cath her on a regular basis. I just don't want that for her. What kind of quality of life is that? And such an invasion of privacy. Not to mention the risk of infection or pain. Not a fan. We also spoke about surgeries that could help, but I'd like to avoid surgery as well if possible. So for now we are going to talk to her therapists about massage or taping techniques to try to get her pooing more regularly (because constipation can contribute to her holding her pees as well), continue using the warm water method, and cath only when absolutely necessary (and measure cathed output to make sure her bladder is not stretching too much). My sweet girl stayed asleep the whole way home and then just kept sleeping. And sleeping. Darling girl. I'm so happy to see her sleeping so peacefully. Especially after such a tense day yesterday. Hoping she'll start peeing and feel better tomorrow.

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