Thursday, February 2, 2017

Pee at last!

Reagan had a sleepy day today...and she's finally peeing on her own so I'm really happy about that! She slept in this morning and only woke momentarily when we moved her out of her bed to change her. She dozed back off pretty quickly so we just let her sleep for a while. Her pediatrician wanted her to come in just to make sure there were no outward signs of infection he was missing (even though she's not holding anymore). So around 11:30 we loaded her up into the car (waking her up) and took her to the pediatrician for a quick inspection. Everything looked fine, so we were back in the car and headed home in no time. Reagan was still awake when we got home but dozed off literally minutes before her OT walked in the door! I thought maybe she was playing possum but she was OUT. Oh well, at least her therapist got in some good stretching. She slept the rest of the afternoon and then just kept sleeping into the night. We eventually moved her to bed and she didn't bat an eye. Sweet, sleepy girl.

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