Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ortho appt, sleep, and holding again...oh my!

Reagan was laying in bed awake again this morning...with her tube in her hand! Not sure what we're gonna do about this girl lately, she's always grabbing at that tube! And lots of time she looks as me as she does it, as if to spite me! Whew! This girl! She's trouble! And of course, no wet diaper (that's over 16hrs holding). So immediately I helped her to go and finally on my third 16oz bottle of warm water, she finally went! Thank goodness. Her body is still just SO tense. Super crunchy. When on her back she looks like a turtle laying on it's shell! She's crunched up with her arms and legs up in the air! This girl has abs of steel for sure! She had speech this morning and did well with that. And not long after getting her out of her chair and trying to get her to pee again, she dozed off (without peeing). Ugh. Well at least she's relaxing enough to sleep. That's a good thing. This afternoon she had her appointment with the orthopedic doctor, to go over the concerns from her recent x-rays. Before leaving, her nurse tried to help her go again but still no luck. She even cathed her while she was sleeping but it still didn't work. She woke up when we put her in the car, she was a little zoned out but calm. She did well for her appointment, even though it took forever and we had to get more x-rays. Thankfully these were the perfect x-rays and the doctor was able to get a good look at her spine. Apparently she does have a 19 degree curve at the top of her spine, but it's perfectly matched by a 19 degree curve (in the opposite direction) at the bottom of her spine, so the doctor actually said that's perfect! He's very happy with the way her spine and hips look for that's a huge relief! So we'll just check back in a year but for now she's good! She did fall back asleep on our way home, but woke back up when I carried her back upstairs after her appointment. Her nurse was finally able to get her to pee when we got home and then she was out like a light!! She slept the rest of the night and stayed asleep even when we moved her to bed. Definitely looking like she's headed back into sleepy days again. Hoping that will mean her body will finally relax and she'll be able to pee on her own again. So weird to have her sleeping and still too clenched up to go.

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