Monday, February 6, 2017

On edge

Reagan was up early this morning. I moved her to her chair and let her watch some cartoons. When I woke back up Ryan was waking up and Reagan was still wide awake. She's been a little on edge and sensitive this morning. She had speech and she was easily upset but redirected fairly easily. She hasn't been a fan of talking pretty much all day. This afternoon you could tell she was escalating. I was talking to her nurse and she was almost in tears. We decided to finally try oxycodone. It helped her to doze off and she slept the rest of the afternoon. She didn't actually wake up until just before 9pm. She woke up serious but was getting increasingly aggravated. I gave her another dose of oxycodone. She was pretty zoned out for a bit and looking like she was going to doze back off when I decided to wipe her mouth (it was a little crusty). That seemed to trigger a seizure-like event. Her eyes were fixed and her arms stiffened to her side. Her head was already turned so that was hard to assess. It only lasted 30sec or so, but ugh. Hate these hormones. Hoping she feels better tomorrow.
Ryan wanted a crab youtube to the rescue again!

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