Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A bit tense and sensitive

Reagan fought going to sleep again but eventually I got her down. Of course by the time I got to bed, she was already squirming around and vocalizing. She eventually settled down and I feel asleep. Then right at 6am (moments after the coffee pot beeped) she was up and super vocal. I moved her to her therapy room, turned on cartoons, and she settled down a bit...and I went back to bed for a few minutes. Ugh. We need some real sleep. My girl has been pretty kooky today. She had speech this morning and even though she's still super crunchy, she was more attentive than she was Monday for speech. She's been a little sensitive today. Easily excitable. Bursts of energy where she vocalizes and becomes super tense in her body. I noticed it tonight while we were giving her a bath, but I'm pretty sure she's been doing it all day. She's also been holding her pees again today. Hoping tonight will finally be the night for sleep and she'll wake up less tense tomorrow.

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