Thursday, January 12, 2017

Two poo day

Reagan was awake, dressed, and alert by the time her nurse got here today! She's been in a good mood for the most part, vocalizing and smiling when you interact with her. She did well with PT and tolerated being in her stander...until we decided to take her out of it! We heard some gas and suspected a poo and she had already been in there 30min or so, but as we started lowering it, she started getting really upset. I think it was more the changing of positions that caused her some discomfort...the next thing we knew she was in tears! She was easily consoled once out and in mommy's lap. We changed her diaper, she did have a stinky diaper (thank you gravity), and then left her on the floor for a bit. Her OT came 30min later and she tolerated that well and also had another poo on her own! Two poos in one day...and on her own without any help! That is unusual. She was good the rest of the day. Very gassy. Grinding her teeth a little tonight, but still calm. Dozed off on the floor listening to Daddy's snoring (I nearly fell asleep myself)! Good night!

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