Friday, January 6, 2017

Tense but finally some smiles

Reagan slept in this morning not waking up until around 11:45am. She woke up calm/serious but tense in her body. Thankfully she was still peeing on her own, but not a ton of wet diapers today. Very serious all morning. No smiles whatsoever...and we tried! She also seemed a little neurologically off. Eyes weren't quite working (a little googly). And the tone in her body is just through the roof! Her nurse tried stretching her but her legs were just so stiff (but bent). Finally this afternoon she seemed to loosen up a bit and she was giving us some smiles. Tonight she's been very precious and sweet. Still tense in her body and no longer peeing on her own (but went with help). It's midnight and she's still awake. Hoping Daddy can get her to sleep without medication. Fingers crossed!

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