Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sweet gassy girl

Reagan slept well last night and woke up this morning spunky! She's been vocal, gassy, and a bit yawny today. Not smiley, but very content and sweet. Big eyes. Vocal but more talky than crazy. Back to putting her hands in her mouth again. Ugh. That poor hand. At least it got a break yesterday when she was so sleepy! The gas today has been lethal. You would think she's been the one eating the New Year's Day cabbage! She did eventually have another poo on her own today (go girl)!! She was awake and spunky all day. We didn't do much today other than watch football. Unfortunately, us all wearing our Texans shirts wasn't enough to make them win. Oh well. At least they already made the playoffs. Reagan did start getting a little more vocal tonight, I thought it might be her tummy, not really sure what it was. As soon as I picked her up and held her, she dozed off to sleep. Maybe she just wanted her mommy? Such a precious girl. I love snuggling with her. Hoping for another good night's sleep tonight! 

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