Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sweet, calm girl

Reagan had a pretty good day today. This morning I ran a half marathon (yes, that's two weekends in a row of a marathon/half marathon) so her nurse was here with her while I was gone. She slept in til about 9am and woke up a little serious but calm. When I got home she was awake but quiet. Didn't seem super impressed by my spinny medal (I thought it was pretty cool). It was a laid back sort of Sunday for my girl. She was super precious and calm. Body very relaxed with only the occasional hand in the mouth. The only time she seemed to get a little riled up was during bath time. Not sure what that was about but she quickly settled down once I finished washing her hair and got her out of the tub. Tonight was a low key night. She was laying on the floor very still, looking super precious, and I was waiting for the moment I could scoop her up and hold her (after getting her brother to bed)...and then she fell asleep. I let her be, seeing as how peaceful she was, but I really wanted to cuddle that cuteness! Hoping for another good day for my girl tomorrow.

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Janet said...

Reagan is Such a Princess!!!
Can't believe you are putting in that many miles! Crazy girls!