Monday, January 16, 2017

Sleepy, sweet, but tense

Reagan was sleepy/tense today, but still sweet. She slept in this morning til around 11am and woke up having a huge flood of a diaper! So much for the new bedding Grandma just put on her bed last night! Well actually we just washed it all and put it right back on! Reagan has been pretty vocal and crunchy when awake. Very high tone. Hands shoved down her throat, knees up to her chest. She eventually dozed back off around 1:30pm or so and then slept until 5:30pm! She woke back up vocal and kooky and we immediately seized the opportunity to give her a much needed bath. She hopped in the tub with Grandma and looked more relaxed than she has all day! She was wide awake after her bath and spent the rest of the night downstairs. She got a little riled up in her chair so I moved her to the floor where she seemed a little more comfortable. She did have some little outbursts here and there, usually when there was music on tv, but sometimes just for attention I think. She did have some gas here and there, so that could've been bothering her as well. Not sure what direction she's headed right now. Really hoping for good days but not super confident in what to expect.

Grandma bought Ryan a giant gummy snake today at the candy store while I got my after marathon massage! 

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