Sunday, January 29, 2017

Rough night but good day

Reagan has had another good day today...after a bit of a rough night. She woke back up around 2am and was escalating for Daddy. I eventually got up and gave her some oxycodone (after Mike came and physically woke me up...I was OUT)! She fell back asleep til 6am. At 6, she was awake and raring to go. Super vocal. I moved her to her chair and turned cartoons on for her and I went back to bed for a few more minutes! She's been a little less vocal today, but still super crunchy/gassy (and grinding her teeth). This afternoon I noticed her tummy was extremely hard and distended. Despite being given an enema, she was yet to go. Finally I helped her and hit the poo/gas jackpot! Poor thing! No wonder she's been so vocal! Hopefully she feels a little better now that she's got that out! We decided to go for a walk to air the place out! Ryan riding his bike, Reagan being pushed by her nurse, Grandma walking her dog, we were quite the scene moving down the sidewalks! It was a beautiful day and nice to get out for a bit and enjoy it! Mike went fishing today and caught lots of fish (dinner)! Tonight Reagan got in a lot of Grandma time! Such a sweet snuggly girl!

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