Thursday, January 19, 2017

Need to pee

Reagan has been even more tense in her body today. Still smiley, but lots of kicking around and oh so crunchy. Still holding her pees but now taking it to the extreme! Her last pee of the night last night was around 11pm and then this morning I tried and tried and TRIED but I wasn't able to get her to go til right around noon. At this point I had already put a call in to her doctor to see what his thoughts were (and I was still waiting on a call back). So when she finally went, I had a sterile cup handy and collected a sample just in case they wanted to check it. When they called back they didn't seem super concerned but since I had collected the sample, they wanted me to go ahead and bring it in for culture. So we'll see. I was able to get her to pee again at 5:30pm and then that was it. Two pees all day long. I tried multiple times tonight and got nothing. She had a good day nonetheless. She did well for PT this morning, working on sit to stand (the extension was working in her favor for standing) and then she even tolerated the stander well afterward (even though one of the knee supports seems to have been knocked out of place). OT didn't go as smoothly. The tense body was not working in her favor and her poor therapist had quite the workout trying to manipulate her. At least she's been in good spirits all day. Super sweet and smiley. Really hoping her body gives her a break soon.

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