Sunday, January 15, 2017

Marathon Day

Today was the day of my first marathon! It was a looooong 26.2 miles (well actually 26.96), but I did it and I dragged my best friend across the finish line with me! I ran the Chevron Houston Marathon and finished it in 5hrs 54min. That's a LONG time to run! My friend wanted to quit many times, but I kept going back for her and eventually just insisted that we hold hands for the last 5 miles to insure she wouldn't give up! I had some knee pain that hit me right around 6miles in but thankfully it faded away and I was able to continue relatively unscathed. After I finished I cleaned up and we had a quick late lunch and drove back to Austin. Both kids were well behaved today. Reagan was pretty sleepy/groggy all day. Crunched over and looking down a lot. Grinding her teeth. Just seemed very out of it. She did give mommy a few smiles when I got home though, so I was super happy about that. Ryan was happy to see us as well and we got lots of kisses and hugs before he headed off to bed. Everybody was quite exhausted and we all crawled into bed early tonight. Hoping I don't wake up too sore and miss Reagan wakes up happy!


Jennifer said...

That is an amazing accomplishment. Congratulations!

Reagan Leigh said...

Thank you!