Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Low tone, but still a sweet girl

Reagan has had a good day again today. She's been calm and sweet all day. Low tone, which is good but also has a tendency to make her spitty/chokey and even a little burpy. Not at all crunchy but still putting her hands in her mouth (contributing to more choking)! She was talky, with some occasional kooky vocalizations with painful gas, but otherwise pretty easy going. She had PT at noon today and worked on some sit to stand before moving to her stander, where the DME lady made some adjustments to get everything back in the correct alignment. She looked great. She stood in her stander for 40min or so and then it was time for OT. Her therapist worked with her for a while seated in her stander and then they later got down onto the ground to do some floor work. Such a busy afternoon. She was a rock star. She was calm and content all day...until we gave her a bath. She never lost it, but she was getting very agitated. Not sure what exactly it was, but she was fine after we took her out. Tonight she's been sweet and calm...but still pretty spitty. I held her and she dozed off in my lap again tonight. Such a sweetie!

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