Monday, January 30, 2017

Hormones strike again

Reagan woke up kooky but in a good mood. Very vocal and smiley, but just a little "off". At about 9:45am she made a loud vocalization and then turned her head to the left with her eyes fixed. It only lasted about 20sec, but it's still too long in my book. It's been exactly a month since we last saw one of these seizure-like episodes. Just another example as to why we think this is all hormone related. Ugh. Stupid hormones. She recovered quickly though and was great for speech only moments later working on using the eyegaze and PODD. The rest of the afternoon she was pretty tense in her body so her nurse worked on stretching her a lot. This afternoon her teacher came to work with her and she tolerated that well. She also started holding her pees again (guess that goes with the increased tone). Ugh. I know, not again! She only went three times all day today. Not good. This girl.

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