Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Good day but a few signs of trouble

Reagan alerted me with a squeal this morning (again right at 6:45am)! I went in to find her bright eyed and wide awake! I changed her and moved her to her chair to watch cartoons. She's been super sweet today. Big eyes. Very interactive. Her body has definitely been more relaxed, especially this morning. Less hands in the mouth. She's had a busy day of therapies today. First PT, where she clearly said "Hi" to her therapist when she came in the room! She then worked hard on sitting to stand. Shortly thereafter, she had OT. She did well with that too. A little loosey goosey in her body, but so good at responding to commands. Then she finished up her day with school/vision therapy. She did a great job with that as well. Was really using her hands today (I'm guessing because they were in her mouth less) and she enjoyed a singing switch toy her therapist brought for her to try out! Tonight she's been a little more vocal, but she was also very gassy, so I'm sure that's at least partially responsible. Doing some mouth movements, indicating that she might be a little more spitty and having a hard time managing it (but not necessarily gaggy per se). Just a little less laid back tonight in general. Some teeth grinding. Not a good sign. Hoping she'll settle down and get some sleep.

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