Monday, January 2, 2017

Cutey patooty

Reagan was awake and squealing by 6:45am this morning. I found her in bed, laying on top of her covers! I changed her and moved her to her tomato chair, where she continued to be vocal. She definitely settles down and is less vocal the more you interact with her, so I think it might be partially attention seeking. Silly girl. She had a great session of speech this morning! She answered lots of questions (all correctly) identifying animals in the story she was reading! She was still very into her hands today and she's got a new finger on that left hand that is looking pretty soggy. Poor fingers. Mid day she was looking sleepy but restless and couldn't really stay asleep. This afternoon she had school and speech. She did well with it, great both her teacher AND her speech therapist with a "Hi"!!! At one point during the session she was getting a little vocal but calmed down after her AFOs were removed. After school, we did a quick bath and got her smelling all good. Tonight she's been vocal but sweet. Still full of gas. But she's just the cutest tooter ever!

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