Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Calm and content

Reagan slept in til 9:30am today and woke up with a very wet diaper!! Woohoo! Finally peeing on her own. Whew! She had speech this morning and tolerated it well. She's been very still and not as crunchy. Very calm and content. We decided that today might be a good day for xrays! We loaded up and picked Ryan up from school and headed over to the imaging center. Ryan had OT/PT next door so we dropped him off, while we took Reagan for her imaging. She was very patient, which is good because they left us sitting in the completely deserted waiting room for over 45min! She continued to be super patient with us as they were having multiple issues getting the x-ray machine to work. We had her sitting up so tall in a chair nearly all by herself, but she grew pretty tired after all of the waiting. Hoping we got decent images. It took what felt like forever! I was planning on running Reagan and her nurse home and then coming back for Ryan but we were short on time. Instead we took her nurse to pick up some lunch and then we came back for Ryan. He was good albeit a little tired. We came back home and Reagan's teacher met us at the house for a late session of school. Reagan did well. All in all she's had a great, laid back day. She's been a bit burpy...I'm not sure what that's about. Hoping for another good day for my sweet girl tomorrow!

Dad went fishing today and limited out (but also tipped his kayak and lost all of his rods/reels)!
Someone is eating fish for dinner...

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