Thursday, January 5, 2017

Better but still a little stressed

Reagan slept well last night on the floor. We didn't even attempt to move her, she was SO miserable last night we were just happy that she was able to get some rest/relief. She did wake up pretty stressed but calm. Wasn't a fan of me messing with her to change her diaper...just wanted to me left alone I think. She had one little outburst of tears for her nurse but it was shortlived and then she was fine. She was pretty sleepy and serious and eventually dozed back off in her tomato chair. We cancelled PT even though she woke up in time, she just had that look on her face like don't even think about messing with me. She definitely chilled out more as the day went on and she even had a good session of OT this afternoon! Overall, I'd say a huge improvement from her day yesterday. Tonight she had a weird experience tonight where she burst into tears all of a sudden. She was just sitting in her tomato chair perfectly peaceful and content when next thing we knew she was hysterical. Mike had just taken a phone call, so we initially thought it was just him talking on the phone that upset her. But I picked her up and held her and then she had a huge pee (all over me) so then we thought maybe that's what set her off. I moved her to the floor and the rest of the night she was very still with her head turned to the left and kinda out of it. I could get her attention when I tried, but she was just a little zoned out. No more pees tonight so hopefully she's not starting to hold. Praying for a good night's sleep tonight and a more normal day for my girl tomorrow.

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