Saturday, December 24, 2016

The night before Christmas

Reagan and Ryan both slept well last night. I had a long run this morning (20miles), so Mike watched the kids. Reagan was good, she slept in a little, but has been calm and content. When I got home I found her very serious and still. I picked her up and got the tiniest smile out of her. Shortly thereafter she dozed off and we moved her back to her bed. I did notice a huge sore on her finger. She's got a crack along the knuckle of her pinky finger (on her left hand the one she's always got in her mouth). I cleaned it, put neosporin on it, and a bandaid. Thankfully she's not putting them in her mouth today, so it will get a break. She slept in her bed until around 8pm or so when I went in to check on her and found her completely soaked through onto her bed. I started moving her around and she woke up. Big wide eyes, very serious...she didn't look sleepy anymore. We brought her downstairs. My sister and her husband got here right around the same time so that added some excitement. And now there are three (dogs). The puppy loves to jump up on Reagan to lick her and try to bite on her tube (uh oh). And of course Ryan is in heaven playing with all the dogs! Hoping my girl wakes up happy tomorrow for Christmas!!

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