Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Tense and holding

Reagan was up a lot last night. I woke up around 2am to her vocalizing and found her up at the top of her bed completely uncovered. She had managed to pop her extension out from yanking on her tube, so her shirt was wet and had to be changed. I tucked her back into bed and gave her a dose of oxycodone and she seemed to settle down. I crashed and assumed that she went back to sleep but apparently she was back awake and making noise shortly thereafter. Mike eventually moved her to her chair. Her nurse found her spunky and vocal this morning. And no pee. Finally around 10am she got her to go. She then had speech where she was pretty crunchy and into her hands the whole time. Not the best session. She's been super crunchy and into her hands all day today. Lots of hair pulling. A little less vocal this afternoon, but still super spunky. She had another pee (with help) around 2pm and then went on a holding streak. We started trying to get her to go around 5pm, but she refused. 20 bottles of water and an hour later, we gave up. I tried again between 8-9pm. Nada. Finally at 11pm I tried again. I was literally on my last attempt (less than half a cup left) when she FINALLY went. Ugh. This girl. She also got an enema today and wouldn't poo either (despite lots of stinky gas). She is just so clenched up! Hoping she loosens up tomorrow. She's got a busy day of therapies so hopefully her body will cooperate! Now...if she could just fall asleep!

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