Friday, December 30, 2016

Sweet dreams

Reagan finally SLEPT last night! Whew! It's been a while. When Mike first laid down with her last night, he was having to hold her hands and she was super twitchy. But he said once she was finally out...she was OUT. He was laying beside her and didn't even wake up til 1:45am to come to bed! This morning she slept in until 11am. No therapies today so I'm glad she could get that extra sleep. Nothing makes this mommy happier than to see this girl sleeping peacefully in bed with her arms relaxed and raised up above her head. Ahhhh. Sleep has always been such a struggle for her...I just love it when she's finally able to get that deep, restful sleep! She was only awake today from about 11am to 3pm. Her nurse got in some good stretching, helped her have a poo, and we gave her a bath in that time. After her bath, she dozed off and then continued sleeping the rest of the night! She needed help with her first pee, but has been peeing on her own the rest of the day so that's good. Overall, she's just more relaxed today. Hence the sleep and the pee. I transferred her to her bed tonight and she stayed out. Sweet dreams, sweet girl!

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