Sunday, December 18, 2016

SUPER smiley but still so tense

Reagan slept fairly well last night. She did wake up and start making some fussing sounds just as I went to lay down in bed. I went in and tried to soothe her and eventually gave her some oxycodone. That seemed to do the trick and she fell fast asleep. She woke up this morning super smiley, still very crunchy/tense in her body, but so sweet! She's still holding her pees...she went 4 times today and we had to help her go each time. When her body is so tight, it's hard for her relax everything! She had a good day today. Still into her hands, a little less this morning, but it's picked back up this afternoon/night. So so adorable though. A smile stretched across her face all day long! Slightly sensitive to talking, but overall pretty calm and content. Really hoping she can let go of this tension and get some relief in her body. She's so contracted, just changing her diaper is difficult and there's lots of popping. We really need to get her in for her annual hip/scoliosis x-rays but we've been waiting and hoping to get her in on a day when she's having less tone (just to try to get an accurate view of the state of her bones). This sweet tense girl. Hoping she can sleep tonight.

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