Saturday, December 3, 2016

Such a sleepy girl

Reagan was SUCH a sleepy girl today! She snoozed in her warm bed until after 1pm today! I gave her all of her medicines and then checked on her around 10:30am and she was still asleep and dry (no pee all night), so I put a pad under her because I figured she'd eventually flood the bed. I went running at an indoor track since it was cold and rainy today and Mike watched both kiddos. I got a text at 1:15 saying Reagan was awake and calm. We were all super relieved that she woke up calm and content, with her being so still yesterday we were concerned that a bad day might be on the horizon. When I got home I found her in her chair with reindeer antlers on her head looking unamused!! She was still very sleepy (but amazingly stiff as a board in her body). I changed her diaper and she dozed back off on the floor where she continued to sleep for the rest of the day! Tonight we went to to our neighbor's Christmas party, so Mike carried Reagan upstairs for the nurse where she snoozed the rest of the night only opening her eyes momentarily just to drift right back off to sleep. Sweet sleepy girl!

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