Friday, December 16, 2016

Spunky girl and GI follow up

Reagan slept well last night. I woke up this morning, not to Reagan but to my phone ringing. The nursing agency...never good news. No nurse today. Which normally on a Friday wouldn't be too much of an inconvenience, but today Reagan had her 6 month GI follow up that we had to go to! I was able to get a friend to take Ryan to school and Reagan and I headed out to the drs appt...just the two of us. Traffic was awful, the parking garage was packed, we waited 30min in the waiting room with a singing santa that was making Reagan go nuts! Ugh. I was beyond annoyed by the time they finally took us back. They weighed her 55lbs (apparently that puts her in the 8th percentile) and measured her 4ft 1in. Her doctor is happy with how she's doing. He still wants me to increase the rate on her formula to get her a few more calories, but only by 3mls. So we will very slowly (over the next month or two) increase her rate from 70mls/hr to 73mls/hr. After the appt we headed back and picked her brother up from school. Reagan has been great all day. Way too much of her hands in her mouth though. Her poor fingers are all water logged and shrively. I had to finally put her arm restraint on just to give her mouth/fingers a break! But she's a fighter though and constantly working her way out of them! She's spunky. She's still been pretty vocal today and crunchy/tense in her body. Hoping she can mellow out a little. Not sure what's going on with this increased tension lately. It seems she's all or nothing. Either asleep and loosey goosey or crunched up into a ball! There is no middle ground with this girl. I really want a good weekend for her!

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