Sunday, December 25, 2016

Sleepy Christmas

Christmas was pretty similar to Christmas eve for Reagan. She slept in, woke up for a bit, fell back asleep (sleeping most of the day away), and woke up again at night! She did get to open her presents today, so that was a little more exciting! This was Ryan's first Christmas that he was super into Santa and presents, so we were hoping to catch a magical moment as he came down the stairs...instead he just got super shy from us filming him! I have to say it was a little anti-climactic! He did really enjoy opening presents though. My girl dozed off not to long afterward and we eventually moved her back up to her bed. She did finally wake up tonight around 10pm and was up for a bit while we were all playing a board game. She didn't last long before dozing back off beside us! Sweet sleepy girl. Wish she would have had a more exciting (awake) Christmas, but I was just glad she was content!

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