Thursday, December 22, 2016

Silly girl

Both kiddos were still sleeping after I got back from my run this morning. I was downstairs getting coffee when I heard an earpiercing scream! I ran up the stairs to find Reagan in her bed, eyes wide open, laying there contently. I'm guessing she was just trying to get my attention! That's her "Hey pay attention to me" scream! No smiles, but she was calm and content so I can't complain. We did notice another staring episode this morning at 8:05am. I just glanced at her and her head was turned to the right (as far as she can turn it) and her eyes were barely cracked. When I pulled her eye lids open I could see her eyes were looking up and to the right. From the time I started timing it, it was about 15sec. So maybe 30sec total. Not a fan of this. Really wish we could just get her hormones regulated so she wasn't having these break through episodes. Grandma drove in this morning and both kiddos were happy to see her! Reagan had speech therapy at 9:30am today and then we rushed off for a drs appt. Just a six month check up with the comprehensive care clinic. This afternoon she had OT and rocked it. She was sitting and doing such a great job! Her therapist was barely giving her any support and then she was even pushing through her arms to help right herself. She works hard! The rest of the afternoon/night we just took it easy. Reagan has been a little squealy all day today...especially when we walk away from her! It definitely seems to be attention seeking! Silly girl. Grandma is getting sick and I'm afraid Ryan might be headed that direction too. Ugh. No sickies!

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